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My loved one passed and I don't know what to do with his/hers guns?

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is certainly difficult. The last thing you want to deal with is the legalities of disposing of firearms. If your loved one possessed long guns (rifles and shotguns), these can typically be disposed of at any time by the executor of the estate to a dealer. If your loved one possessed pistols, under New York State Penal Law 265.20 (f), the executor of the estate is permitted to dispose of the firearms to a dealer within fifteen days of the individual passing. If it has been longer than fifteen days the pistols must be surrendered to a law enforcement agency. If you wish to still be able to either recoup the money from the pistols or would like to possess them, you can advise the law enforcement agency that you would like them to retain them for safekeeping for eventual pickup by a dealer.

Under New York State Law (NYSPL 265.20) you are permitted to transport firearms in your vehicle for the purpose of disposing to a dealer or turning into a law enforcement agency. You should proceed directly there and not make any stops in between. 

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