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What features are prohibited on a semi automatic pistol?

A semiautomatic pistol is prohibited when it is capable of accepting a detachable magazine and have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Folding or Telescoping Stock
  • Thumbhole Stock
  • Second Handgrip or Protruding Grip that Can be Held by Non-Trigger Hand
  • Capacity to Accept an Ammunition Magazine that Attaches to the Pistol Outside of the Pistol Grip
  • A Threaded Barrel Capable of Accepting a Barrel Extender, Flash Suppressor, Forward Hand Grip or Silencer
  • A Shroud That is Attached to, or Partially or Completely Encircles the Barrel, and that Permits the Shooter to Hold the Firearm with the Non Trigger Hand Without Being Burned.
  • A Manufacturered Weight of Fifety Ounces or More When The Pistol Is Unloaded.

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